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Roger and Jennifer TeWinkle - Innkeepers at Hazen ManorThe story of how Hazen Manor came to be.  It all started in 2005, when Jennifer TeWinkle, who was at the time still Jen Ferrante, sat at her computer searching the internet for interesting properties.  Right away 9582 Hazen Road caught her attention and so she watched.  As the price of the property on Hazen Road dropped, her interest grew and finally one sunny July afternoon she drove though the scenic countryside and fell in love.  To say the house needed a little work is an understatement but the views were breathtaking so Jen called a friend of hers who is a real estate agent and set an appointment for the following afternoon.  Accompanied by her boyfriend, Roger, Mary, her agent and Paul, Mary’s fiancé, Jen toured the expansive old home in dire need of repair.  The men thought she was crazy but Jen could already picture a charming country inn.

With the toss of a coin the decision was made to restore the original structure instead of the very tempting idea to tear down and start from scratch.  After two forty yard dumpsters and too many bonfires to count all the debris was removed and the fun could really begin.  First came the new roof, windows and doors to make sure the building was dry and secure. A working bathroom was finished by Halloween which was Jen and Roger’s first night in the Inn.  As the transformation continued neighbors would stop by filling the hard working couple in on the history of this unique property on Hazen Road.  The house was originally a one room schoolhouse built in the mid to late 1820’s and used for that purpose until 1936.  The structure was moved to its current location in 1943 for a family whose house had been lost to fire.  Over the years various owners added on to the home to make it the grand size it is today.

Roger and Jennifer TeWinkle - Innkeepers at Hazen ManorHazen Manor was an easy choice as a name for the Inn. The first reason is an obvious one, being located on Hazen Road, but also as a way to honor one of the first families to settle in the town of Mina, the Hazens.  The hard work continued on Hazen Manor and Jen jokes that Roger had no idea she could cook until the kitchen was completed.  The now engaged couple moved into Hazen Manor on January 26th of 2006 and worked tirelessly on the inn room by room, project by project until it was finally completed in October of 2007.  To celebrate the happy couple invited about 70 of their closest friends and family to join them for their Halloween wedding and reception – costumes required by all.

Jen and Roger never seem to sit still and are continually improving an already amazing property.  Now that the inside is beautifully done with five spacious guest rooms, a charming library and game room upstairs, a common room with inviting bar and furniture that just begs you to sit and relax and a formal dining room that can seat up to 24, they are concentrating on the outside.  The porches and decks have become their favorite spaces and who can blame them with views of the rolling hills that are more spectacular then a master’s watercolor.  The gardens evoke daydreams and night skies dazzle even die hard city slickers.  The story of Hazen Manor is far from over so keep checking back to see what Jen and Roger have been up to.


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